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Welcome to my mind.

In an effort to express my talents, I've created The Mims Effect. A site dedicated to showcasing my mental gallery. Feel free to browse, ask questions, and of course... hire me.

My mission is to create my own professional safe space where I don't have to forfeit my personality, interests or codes for the means of professionalism. 

I'm here to celebrate untapped genius and to assist my clients in having fun while implementing the freedoms of creativity in entrepreneurship. 


 Sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down your talents, so I've decided to categorize them into my professional passions. But I do encourage you to make an inquiry if you feel your needs are outside of what you see on the site. 

For examples of my work, and more information please visit the "Projects" tab.

Creativity Consultations

TME can help you build and maintain a cohesive look and feel for your project by ensuring the visuals, messaging and/or interactive and motion designs are brand cohesive and memorable.

Marketing & Branding

TME will assist you with brand strategy, brand consult, and PR initiatives. Awareness of marketing, branding, client engagement, and public relations are the keys to success for your business. I can help you tell your story.

Written Project Consultations

TME produces copy for websites, small business owners and professionals. I also assist writers with analysis, research, organization, and development for their own creative writing projects. TME has experience in various writing styles.

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