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Inside The Effect

Instead of a resume, I'm here sharing my version of my digital portfolio. No, this isn't all of my projects. However, it's a glimpse into my capabilities. 


Although a picture is worth a thousand words, words cannot be replaced. I've been a writer my entire life. From screenwriting to copywriting, I've found joy in multiple genres of writing in  both professional and creative capacities. 

writing graphic_edited.jpg


I've found ways to be creative within all aspects of my interests. This has spilled over to my professional life and leadership roles. I've co-owned an event planning business Plushed By Berber for over 6 years.

Please visit: to learn more about my event planning/design services.

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Marketing & Branding

My sociological background coupled with my creativity allows me to flourish in branding and marketing.  From strategy, branding, and marketing I'm able to assist in your business's initiatives to be noticed, remembered and sought after.

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Writing Commissions

Marketing & Branding Samples

Creativity Samples

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