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Professional Safe Spaces

If the pandemic has shown me anything it's that …

I miss that peace.

We were at home, less traffic, less people in the stores, the planet was healing itself, it was a simpler time although it was filled with uncomfortable uncertainty. (Yes I know the reason why, which is still taking place, and is terrible, I'm just trying to find the silver introverted lining.)

I don't want to speak on behalf of my people (BIPOC), but what I will say is that the world shifting to working from home, with the efficiency and swiftness that it did was unsettling to say the least. It meant that the infrastructure was always there and the ability was tangible. So essentially, why were we suffering in the office all this time? My opinion? Control. Power. Money. And I think that working within those confides feels very familiar, but especially heavy for minority and oppressed populations. I say this because although multiple populations have to "code switch" it's a heavier weight for the the BIPOC population especially considering intersectionality. The burden of office life feels exhaustive and we find ourselves taking off that persona like an uncomfortable bra at the end of the day.

While working from home; it became abundantly clear that working in an office was just a means of supervision, power dynamic, and separation and the hybrid work spaces have been possible since... well WIFI. And again, I don't want to speak on behalf of my people but the dismantling of code was so relieving. Being able to be in my home, being able to do a load, listen to the music I like, make the food that soothes my need while also being from under the constant gaze and distraction of power dynamics was something that I wasn't willing to part from.

I know that there are people that wanted or needed the separation, people who need office space to remain accountable for their work, that needed to escape their home to go to work; but just like there's people that feel that way, there are people who like who they are while they're at work and enjoy putting on their professional mask. I do not. This is my Blog. I'm talking about people like me lol. People that thrive in their own space, people that thrive in their personality... in color and creativity... in freedom; which has always been a down side for me in traditional work spaces, is the ability to fully be myself while also giving a SMALL part of myself to my job. Being in a work space consumed me in a way that I find unimaginable


So when "return to the office" conversations started brewing it sent me into a panic. I was not returning to the war zone for anything less than a hybrid schedule. For many, the pandemic ignited a need to find alternative means of survival... peace... and coins. But for me, no matter where I was it was important that I didn't forfeit the peace that I was able to find in the pandemic. That's how I grew into creating my professional safe space.

Working with me is efficient but light hearted because there's enough going on in the world and business doesn't have to be tense, it just needs to be informed, efficient, and progressive. My professional safe space doesn't mean unprofessional in the slightest, it's just an alternative environment from traditional means of professionalism. But choosing to work with me does take a certain level of buy in … meaning that one of the top priorities of any of my projects is to sustain peace while cultivating and curating dopeness.

Welcome to DeathRow. =)

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